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Vibropress «Ural-M5-NEXT»

Стоимость от 2 108 000 руб.

starts at $22 203

Powerful, high performance. Can be equipped with a vertical pallet receiving system or a classic horizontal scheme

670 pcs/h
50 m²/h
180 lin. m.

Vibropress "Ural M5 next" is an ideal choice for those who choose the main direction of production of paving slabs. This vibropress is a new development of our specialists, which includes the advantages of a shock vibrating table and high productivity, due to the increased forming zone. Using the Ural M5 next vibropress you can significantly increase the productivity of paving slabs and, accordingly, its quality.

Auxiliary equipment

Overall weight (depends on furnishing)

starting from 1900 kg

Molding area size (length x width)

600 x 1000 mm

Molding area height

50-300 mm

Molding cycle duration

30 s

Operators (CBP line)


Molding skid (waterproof plywood)

1070 x 630 x 30 mm

Primary intake hopper volume

0,900 m3

Secondary module hopper volume (option)

0,150 m3

Matrix, punch and loader drive


Hydraulic system pressure

12 MPa

Supply voltage and frequency

380 V, 50 Hz

Installed power (depends on furnishing)

starting from 13.5 kW

Vibration table power

5.5 kW

Order and delivery

Worldwide delivery

Supervision of Installation and Commissioning

Warranty service

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