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Vibropress «Ural-Mobil»

starts at $19 338

Products are molded directly on the concrete floor

600 pcs/h

The Ural Nesushka vibropress has no comparable counterparts in Russia. Its main advantage is that you will not need racks and skids to store finished products. Products are molded directly on the concrete floor. For the output of 3000 wall stones per shift, you will need 400 square meters. The vibropress can be moved from one construction site to another and work there if necessary.



The work mixture is loaded into the intake hopper using any hoisting device or a feed bucket that you can buy separately. One hopper load is sufficient to produce 50-60 stones (10-12 rows). The molded products have to mature for 8-12 hours without moving, and then they can be stored at the warehouse, where they harden by 30% in the next 2-3 days. After that, the products can be shipped to construction sites. Concrete products achieve their maximum durability in 28 days. Those who lack hoisting devices can order the Ural Nesushka vibropress with a self-loader, i.e. the press can be equipped with a dipper at customer’s request. Prepared mixture is transported from the concrete mixer to the dipper using transport trolleys (option).

Auxiliary equipment

Overall weight (depends on furnishing)

starting from 2200 kg

Molding area size (length x width)

400 x 1000 mm

Molding area height

180-200 mm

Molding cycle duration

25-30 s

Operators (CBP line)


Primary intake hopper volume

0,900 m3

Matrix, punch and loader drive


Hydraulic system pressure

12 MPa

Vibration table oscillation frequency

60 Hz

Supply voltage and frequency

380 V, 50 Hz

Installed power (depends on furnishing)

starting from 7.7 kW

Vibration table power

2.2 kW

Oil pump station power

5.5 kW


Order and delivery

Worldwide delivery

Supervision of Installation and Commissioning

Warranty service

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