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Vibropress «Ural-MR5»

starts at $5 658

We offer you a milestone product in the mobile vibropress range. Ural MR5 has all the advantages of its ‘big brother’, the Ural Mobile vibropress.


We offer you a milestone product in the mobile vibropress range. Ural MR5 has all the advantages of its ‘big brother’, the Ural Mobile vibropress.


This vibropress does not need expensive racks and skids for finished products. Products are molded on the concrete floor.   The Ural MR5 vibropress is designed in response to the shifting economic conditions. Mobile vibropresses are designed to produce wall materials (blocks, semi-blocks, improvement and surfacing materials). The range of the products, however, lacks such vital items as flagstones, edgestones, and curbs. High-output mobile vibropresses cost as much as stationary models, producing the entire range of the products.


The vibropress is highly mobile and it can be easily transported to a new construction site. MR5 does not require hoisting machines to operate, and its simplified frame allows operating to be done by only two employees.   High output (1500-2000 pieces per shift), outstanding geometric precision of the products, short payback period, and affordable price make Ural MR5 the most profitable investment in the market.


Due to its simple design, the Ural MR5 vibropress can be produced by yourself using the full documentation set available to order on our website

Thus one of the most expedient vibropresses in its class becomes even more affordable The design documentation set (DD) includes: 1. Assembly drawings for the subunits of Ural MR5 vibropress
2. Drawings for the parts of Ural MR5 vibropress
3. Assembly and part drawings for the molding tools of the Ural MR5 vibropress
4. Electrical connection diagrams for the Ural MR5 vibropress
5. Purchased part list
6. Specification and stock lists for the metal roll used for the assembly of the Ural MR5 vibropress
7. Certificate and user manual Design documentation is sent to the customer’s email in JPEG format after the full payment to the transaction account. Drawing sets are inseparable, and we do not send drawings for individual parts.  In order to request the documentation set, send your application and billing details to




Overall weight (depends on furnishing)

starting from 300 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

1500 x 1500 x 1732 mm

Molding area size (length x width)

400 x 1000 mm

Molding area height

180-200 mm

Molding cycle duration

60 s

Operators (CBP line)


Matrix, punch and loader drive


Hydraulic system pressure

12 MPa

Vibration table oscillation frequency

50 Hz

Supply voltage and frequency

380 V, 50 Hz

Installed power (depends on furnishing)

starting from 5.0 kW

Order and delivery

Worldwide delivery

Supervision of Installation and Commissioning

Warranty service

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